Speedlir Review


Speedlir Review


Speedlir Review – A Good Product For Website Speed Or Scam?


Unbiased Speedlir Review to see the Pros & Cons of this web-based software especially for WordPress Sites. Is Speedlir a Good Product for website speed as declared by Andrew Darius or a Scam? 

Honest Speedlir Review From The Desk Of Andrew Darius:


Hi, my name is Jeff Hogan and I think you made a wise decision by reading my genuine Speedlir Review to see if this NEW cloud-based software from Andrew Darius can live up to what’s been claimed on his sales page.

Andrew Darius has released many products online such as Photo Animator, Selling Pages, Vendor Member, Explaindio, just to name a few.

And the Speedlir product from Andrew Darius is his latest software.


Welcome To My Unbiased Speedlir Review!


There are far more biased reviews online than unbiased ones that give you a clear indication of whether this Andrew Darius software will actually work to speed up your website pages for fast delivery.

Most website reviews and YouTube videos you’ll see online are written & produced to promote the product and programs.

And not being totally truthful and honest with you if the product can really work or not.

The Speedlir Software is a cloud-based application that takes your WordPress website landing page URL and then turns it into a super-fast clickable sub-domain URL.

Then this cloned URL of your website’s domain name is hosted on the Speedlir platform with the aim to speed up your website landing pages/posts and improve overall security against hackers.

And all this can be done with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

The Speedlir front-end product of $19 at the time of writing includes the software itself and 3 Upsells that gives you access to extra features and bandwidth.

But at the end of the day, can this new Speedlir software really speed up your website to ‘Lightning’ fast loading speeds as displayed on the sales page.

So let’s dive in and see if this is a legit product that’s worth the price tag or is just going to be another cloud-based system for you to spend money on.


To Be Totally Upfront With You Right From The Start


Likely chances you are here to find out if the Speedlir software can work to add speed to your website pages and most importantly, will this product be worth the money – right?

There are lots of ‘Shifty’ characters out there, so doing diligent research before you join is definitely the way to avoid products that don’t work and save you a TON of your hard-earned money.

So a BIG ‘Well Done’ to you for that!😃

To be totally upfront with you right from the start, I’m no way affiliated with Speedlir as you will see by my Disclaimer just below.



Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Speedlir. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info…


Here you’ll find out what you need to know about this program in one place to make an informed decision based on real facts.

Not just hear and see what all the others are ‘Pitching’ about just to get a commission on the product.



A Little About Me And Why I Write These Reviews


I first started to write reviews for done-for-systems, training courses, membership sites, software apps, email marketing courses, and other make money online programs for one reason only.

You see, when I was green as the hills just starting out online, I was unfortunate enough to run into several programs that just fleeced me of my money.

Like, the owners of these 2 make money online DFY systems did provide some training the actual software itself, but trying to get answers to the many questions I had over the training was virtually impossible.

In most cases, I waited patiently for days expecting to get a reply that never comes and then left to my own devices winging it on what I thought would make the system work better – purchased the Upsells!

We’ll I never got either of the systems to work and never make a ‘Cracker’ from what I initially thought would be a walk in the park.

I wish I knew what I now know and whilst things a lot brighter today, I never could get that bitter taste out of my mouth.

It did cost me well over 2 thousand dollars so I take great pleasure to write these reviews for beginners and people that haven’t made a dime yet for the beginner in me that I once was.


What Is The Speedlir Product All About?


The Speedlir product is all about cloning your original website landing pages and posts URL’s with a cloud-based app that takes your site URL and then turns it into a clickable sub-domain URL.

Then you can copy the sub-domain URL that’s produced with the software and use it for your campaigns, paid ads promotions.

Speedlir also protects the pages from dangerous bots that hackers use to damage your WordPress website or hold the site up for ransom.

So in a nutshell: A software that turns each DYNAMIC page of a WordPress Website into a cloned STATIC Page version of the site to increase your page loading speed.

The Speedlir Dashboard is fairly easy to navigate with only a few settings that need to be tweaked.

  • Step 1) Enter the page name you want to turn from dynamic to static in the ‘Title’ area.
  • Step 2) Put your original WordPress website URL.
  • Step 3) Create a subdomain for the site page that will point to the Speedlir platform.
  • Step 4) Verify your website in much the same way as Google does.
  • Step 5) Copy the sample template URL then paste this into the ‘Pages’ box and click save.

You can also use a ‘Custom’ domain name instead of using a .net sub-domain.

There’s also a plugin you can download to add your pages/landing pages to the Speedlir software.

But I wouldn’t be too worried at this stage because they do have full training on how to do this.

What I liked about Speedlir at this stage was the fact that you can turn all your ‘Affiliate Cloud’ landing pages into a speed monster for faster loading times.

I also liked the fact that you can speed up your WordPress landing pages the same way for faster load times.


What I Didn’t Like About The Speedlir Product


What I didn’t like about the Speedlir product at this stage was the fact that you will have to make a sub-domain for every post on your WordPress Website.

As I see it, this software probably would not protect or speed up your original WordPress site.

This software looks okay if you only had a very small WordPress website with minimal pages and would be a good product to host your landing pages.

But if your WordPress website was of considerable size and contained many posts, I can’t see how turning every post into a sub-domain of that page would benefit you.

There’s also the question of hosting each of your posts with a sub-domain title/your website name.speedlir.net

I also did not like the fact that Andrew said that the Speedlir Sales Page was also a static page that is run through the Speedlir software.

But when I tested the page in Google PageSpeed Insights, the results were far less than encouraging.


Website Site Speed Score On Google PageSpeed Insights For Speedlir


I would have expected a much better score on Google PageSpeed Insights especially when they are promoting super quick mobile speeds.

Whilst I was there, to be fair – I also run my main WordPress Website Static URL page through Google PageSpeed Insights.


Site Mobile PageSpeed Score For My WordPress Website


My WordPress website is hosted on Amazon c3.large (faster) and I get constantly high scores for all my posts on this site.

This was a fair test and I run the URL of both pages through Google Page Insights twice to get a true result.

In case your wondering… The ‘Desktop’ scores on Google Page Insights for both URL’s are as follows.

My WordPress Static Page Result was 96/100.

Speedlir rated only a fair 65 out of a 100.

Where I host my websites is actually my #1 recommendation and this ‘Fab’ Online Marketing Platform includes the hosting of 25 High-Speed WordPress Websites, 24/7 Site Technical Support, DDos Bot Protection (Hackers), Enterprise Protection, Professional Keyword Tool, and a lot more benefits…

This can save you a TON of money just by hosting 3 websites – can you imagine the savings of hosting 25 sites?

>>Host Up To 25 Websites With High-Speed Loading<<



Red Flag 🚩

From what I can tell, this software does not turn your original WordPress website into a speed machine.

Just the posts and landing pages that you submit to the Speedlir software.

This may be fine if you want to promote a post or landing page for paid promotions but not so good for larger WordPress websites like this one.

There is also a 100K traffic limit per month and you can submit 10 funnels and only 100 pages to the software.

Other limitations that are set every month is 1,000 MB transfer, 100MB internal storage and you can also use images stored outside.




This Speedlir Review is detailed out in the following sections:



Program Name: Speedlir

Creator: Andrew Darius

System: Cloudflare Hosting

Front-End Price: $19 at the time of writing +  3 Upsells

Recommended? No & Yes

Beginner Friendly Rating = 5 / 10

Overall System Rating = 4 / 10


The Pros & Cons Of Speedlir


Below is a list of the Pros & Cons of Speedlir that can vary from the good to the bad. One consistent with online systems that I review is trying to get timely support for questions asked and Upsells that come with the system.



  • Help for software issues available through lodging a support ticket.
  • You can add a custom domain.
  • Software and training are included for the $19.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.



  • You can only submit 1 URL at a time.
  • Support ticket responses can be very limited with large requests.
  • Only for WordPress Websites.
  • Sales Page is somewhat misleading.
  • Additional Upgrades can be present after you join.
  • The money-back-guarantee can be hard to get back.


How The Speedlir Software Really Works?


I’m not going to say that the Speedlir software is a Scam because they do offer a product for the initial amount of money paid to get the front-end system and training is included.

I did think that the Speedlir service which operates through Cloudflare can be an advantage if you want to promote your landing page or promotional posts outside of the United States.

Cloudflare has 200 cities that it’s based in around the world so loading from that country you are promoting your products does make sense.

But I didn’t like the fact that you have to submit 1 URL at a time and if you haven’t got a custom domain, you’ll have to host your CloudFlair pages on a sub-domain dot net.

This means that your sub-domain name can look something like this.

Thumbs Downpagename.mywebsite.speedlir.net.

As in most Online Systems that I review, they often give you some sought of product for the money you pay to get the front-end product.

But there are usually Upsells included in running the system properly.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend the Speedlir System.

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Is there a better option to Website Hosting than Speedlir to achieve ‘Fast’ download times for your website posts and landing pages.

There is an online platform where you can enjoy building and host up to 25 high-speed WordPress websites and is in fact, where I have hosted my websites for the past 5 years.

Each website you host and build comes with an array of tools and features that include…

SiteSpeed – Makes your website load super fast with WA’s state-of-the-art online web hosting. Having a super-fast website will improve your rankings with Google.

But if you wanna crank things up to incredible lightning speed loading times with extra power and Google’s approval with more ranking juice, then WA also offers an “Extreme” option!

Site SSL – Using “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” tells both your visitors and Google that your sites are safe to visit. As major search engines like you using the “HTTPS”, this can have a positive impact on your rankings.

SiteProtect With DDoS & Enterprise Security – Protects your site from being innodated with spammy comments and harmful bots. It’s also good for the overall health and functionality of your website.


SiteRubix WordPress Website FeaturesSiteContent – As well as the unique writing feature, you have access to WA’s database of over 1,000,000 to use with your blog content. PLUS the images are automatically compressed – helping to keep your WordPress website running super quick.

SiteComments – Website comment exchange system that allows WA members to leave comments for other people’s sites in exchange for return comments.

As form late last year, you can now get paid for leaving comments and it’s a great way to get your membership for free!

Site Feedback – Share your website details for expert site builders to give you pointers on how you are traveling. You can ask members 24/7.

Site Support – The 24/7 Support Team is nothing short of awesome because you can always expect help within minutes. If something goes wrong on your website – you shoot a message to the technical staff and the issue gets fixed quick smart.

Well, being all smart and intelligent people, we know it doesn’t work this way, right?

When they go down! You have lost everything and in most cases, there are no refunds or guarantees.

Is this something you would be interested in?😃

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Other Latest Done For You Systems…



Thank You For Visiting My Speedlir Review!

If you’d like to leave your awesome comment below of what you think about Speedlir, I’d love to hear from you and I’m always here to help.



Hi there, my name is Jeff Hogan and I have created this website with helpful marketing tips and show you how NOT to be scammed online.
At The Truth To Making Money Online, we tell it as it is, and do feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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